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These are your self check-in instructions for your arrival day in details:
Check in starts at 15:00 - in case you arrive early, you can come to the floor after 10am and leave your luggage with the cleaning lady. Tell her your room number and she will put it in your room when ready.
We do not have reception desk.
However, we are available on our Whastapp virtual reception desk group if you need assistant - you can join the group by clicking on the following link: (you can also copy the link and paste it to your browser) - we also have a Viber group:

The address is:
Kolokotroni 62 (
PC 10560 Athens, Center

Detailed check-in explanation below:

When you will reach the entrance door of the building, you will see a white box on the wall on the right side of the entrance, with our logo upon "Triple A Apartments". Please open it from your side and up! Inside you will see 8 small key boxes! Please open the small Key box with the number (that we gave you in the quick summery of self check in) by putting the code (that we gave you in the quick summery of self check in) Inside there is the entrance door key -please keep it with you during your stay! Please close the small key box and change the metallic numbers so that nobody can open this box! Then, close the door of the white box that you opened at the beginning! Please go on the 5th floor

To enter the 5th floor please put the code 1116# Please notice when you want to exit from the glass door, you push the white switch on the inside of the door which is on the wall on your right side! 

ROOM DOOR: On the door keypad lock you will see some numbers! Please touch those numbers to turn the numbers in blue light and put the code (that we gave you in the quick summery of self check in) and press the key symbol to open your door! Please make sure every time you enter or you exit your apartment that your door is totally closed by using some force when closing it , because these are heavy and security doors that might look closed, but pushing it will open it, if not properly closed. Please note that the building entrance door will be locked after 18:00, so make sure not to loose it and always take the key with you, so you are not locked out of the building. 

Our Services:
We provide our guests with: FREE parking, FREE storage room, FREE laundry services. 
Click on the following link for more details:


On your check out day which is till 10:00 am (in case you need an 11am check out please let us know and we will be happy to give you the extra hour), in case you leave before 10am please take the key with you to unlock the building entrance door and put it back in the keybox. In case you leave at 10am or after you can leave the entrance door key on the bedside table of your room so we can give it to the next guests! We would like to inform you that we can arrange a transfer for you back to the airport or to the Peiraius port if you wish!

The wi-fi is: Triple A Apartments (network) / aaa12345 (password)
Please contact me for anything you need!
My number is +306947008975 on Whatsapp and Viber also! 
We wish you to have a pleasant stay to us!
Thank you!
Yours sincerely,
Manager of the Triple A Apartments 😊🙏
If I am not available please contact Ronen the owner at +972544407984 (Whatsapp / Viber)

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